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BLAVOR 100W Solar Panels PD 45W Fast Charger QC3.0 Solar Battery Charger

BLAVOR 100W Solar Panels PD 45W Fast Charger QC3.0 Solar Battery Charger

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About this item

  • Higher Conversion Efficiency: Made with monocrystalline silicon solar cells,the solar panels adopt multi-layered cell tech to convert the natural sunlight to useable electricity. With up to 26% high conversion efficiency the solar panels have better performance than other normal panels.
  • Three Fast Charging Outputs: Equipped with QC3.0 24W USB A, PD 45W USB C and DC 18V5.5A Outputs,the solar panel is universally compatible with iphone,ipad,android,laptop with pd protocol,power banks and other mobile devices.Included DC cable and three adpaters enable the panel to charge power station, solar generator.
  • Stand Equipped & Easy Installation: Designed with two kickstands,the solar panel charger is super easy to install. Two stands help the panel to face the sun with forty-five degree angle,which is the optimal placement for the panel to fully absorb the sunglight and convert it to the useable electricity.
  • Space Saving & Longer Lifespan: Built-in carrying handles and foldable design with 21*23*1.5in dimension, super space-saving and easy to store. The solar panel battery charger is made with premium monocrystalline silicon cells wit ETFE high transmittance film and 600D water-resistant fabrics.All these are meant for high endurance and longer lifespan.
  • For RV Camping/Off-Grid Trip: The 100W solar panel together with the portable power station, high capacity power banks or solar generators would be a great preparation for blackout, power outage and off-grid.Solar panels in pack, Solar power in hand,it is worth a try.

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Why Choose BLAVOR?

1. Real, authentic monocrystalline panels, you get what as advertised.

2. 100W, QC3.0 24W,PD 45W offers a faster charging experience.

3. ISO 9001, FCC, CE, PSE, you get the harmless & safe products.

4. Brand-oriented, you get higher quality products with less cost.

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FAQ About BLAVOR Solar Panels:

1. Why the solar panel fails to reach 30W rated power output in actual useage?

Below are the factors that may affect the actual power output:

Sunlight Intensity, Panel Surface Temperature, Sunlight Exposure Angle and Other Interferents like tree/cloud shadows, foreign objects, dusts or other sticky substances.

2. Is the solar panel waterproof and how to keep the panel surface clean?

Yes, The solar panel is IP65 waterproof, we recommend you keep the panel away from wet environment for longer lifespan.

We recommend you first use the soft damp cloth to clean any dirts, dusts or other sticky substances asap to avoid affecting product performance. Then use soft dry cloth to keep the surface clean and dry.

3. How to kow whether the solar panel is compatible with my devices before purchase?

BLAVOR 100W solar panel supports QC3.0 24W & PD 45W fast charging, the usb and type C output can power most 5V mobile devices, like phones, ipad, airpod, power bank, usb fan and some 9V, 12V or 15V devices. As to the 18V DC output, pls make sure the voltage range of your devices include 18 Voltage. We recommend you choose our 100W solar panels to recharge your portable power station or solar generator for better charging results.

100W soalr panels for portable power station solar generator


Product Weight 8.8lb
Folded Dimensions 21.3*23.8*1.8in
Rated Power 100 Watt
Open Circuit Voltage 23V
Short Circuit Current 6.7A
USB-A Output 5V/3.4A,9V/2.5A,12V/2A Max (QC3.0 24W)
USB-C Output 5V/3A,9V/3A,12V/3A,15V/3A Max (PD 45W)
DC Output 18V/5.5A Max
Waterproof Certification IP67
Cell Type Monocrystalline Silicon
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